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Our Add-On services complement your event with a range of extras that go a long way to help you deliver your message onwards: 


If your event is oversubscribed or if delegates would like to revisit certain sessions from the day, we can film the sessions for you. Working with 2-4 cameras, we film and edit the presentation in High Definition, and integrate the presenterís Powerpoint slides into the video clip, so that itís just like being there. Furthermore, we can edit a promotional show-reel for you from the material filmed on the day.


Audio Recording

If you are on a tighter budget, or have presentations that are not accompanied by visuals, an audio recording would be a good way to document your event.



Yes, we do that too. Document your event in pictures for use in your promotional marketing material.


Advance and Post-event Multimedia Delegate Packs

Presentations, video and audio materials, plus any other media for your event, can be prepared in advance to hand out to delegates on arrival. These can also be combined with video and audio clips from the day to send to delegates post-event. Particularly useful for training sessions and seminars. Media can be delivered on memory sticks, CD or DVD media, branded with your corporate logo.

Bespoke extras

If there is something A/V related that you require which is not described above or doesn't appear on our rate-card, let us know and we will do our best to make sure we can supply it for your event.

Fuss Free Video Production

About Fuss Free A/V
Fuss Free A/V provides a range of extras that go a long
        way to help you deliver your message onwards
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